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A blob is characterless, no emotions yet applied. Add a line, however, and out springs a personality worthy of exploration. A little color helps set a mood of playfulness and some texture breaks the two-dimensional barrier in exciting ways. This project’s evolution began with a simple chicken silhouette from an old cookbook (Seed). Take away its recognizable features (spindly legs are never attractive) and the leftover shape is still bird-like but free from the confines of that obvious “chickenness.”
Cut from its comb and wattle, the Morsel emerges as something new.
Day One

The texture is a bitmapped spray paint mark.
Changing scale, rotation, and placement allows
an extreme amount of versatility.

Day Two Quick Brainstorming.
My initial reactions to the finished bird design are to
go in a children illustrative direction. The next immediate step shapes another animal illustration in the same technique as the bird.

Content Through Evolution.

The same technique that evolved with the Morsel is repeated to create the animal menagerie. The color palette evolves into a fun mix of bright, unusual colors creating interest and whimsy.

Rites of passage into adulthood wind their way through the back roads
of life, sometimes hidden behind overgrowth and old barns. One ritual involves learning to fear the correct things of childhood. So, when that
red ant hill erupted and that army crawled its way up, the slaps and stings brought about a new consciousness. But try to remember the days when the crayon drawings on the wall still had smiles for everything, even the red ants.

Day Three

Day Four The Story: Morning Glory. With all the mix and match of animals (elephants don’t exactly live with dingoes), I asked myself: what’s the narrative connecting them together? These chipper, stylized shapes sets the tone for my evolving content of the overall work: a children‘s poster. A child’s imagination has no bounds so I found it perfectly plausible stuffi ng animals as big as a llama under their beds. Among the dust bunnies live an odd herd of elephants, llamas, dingoes, lizards, snakes, fishes, lions, and birds with a blazing purple sun to light the way.

The child that never appeared. Look for this sleeping lad in the Leftover Poster for this project. His smiling mug just didn’t make it.