Giselle Lewis-Archibald
MFA, Graphic Design
Thesis 2009


Em+pow+er: Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially
in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

My thesis, Design to Empower, consists of a series of workshops, a community-building
website that will be utilized as a distribution vehicle for the workshops, and the art and
text produced in the format of a zine. I designed this system to enable teenage girls
to visualize and express the values and skills they need in their present endeavors
and future prospects. The workshop series is comprised of five exercises that will
solicit text and images from participants.

The workshops and objectives are presented as follows:

Workshop 1: My Guiding Influences helps girls identify their strengths today through
the people, places, events and items that have touched their lives.

Workshop 2: Slogan Stickers encourages participants to look within themselves and
share their insight of the world around them.

Workshop 3: Slips of Fortune enables each girl to embrace and share the strength they
have achieved by looking back at their experiences and sharing what they’ve learned.

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