Giselle Lewis-Archibald
MFA, Graphic Design
Thesis 2009


Workshop 4: Today and Tomorrow helps girls identify their strengths today and the
future goals that they strive for.

The last exercise in the workshop series is titled My Cover. Through this exercise the
participants draw from the work that has been produced thus far to produce a title and
image that will encapsulate the creative product.

The words and images that are created on each workshop sheet are composed on
an 11” x 17” sheet that folds down to a 5.5” x 4.25” zine—an inexpensively produced,
self-distributed publication. The format, size, content, purpose, and periodicity vary but
most zines are created to share insight into topics outside of mainstream media. This
format was chosen because it is easily reproduced and does not require binding tools.

Format of D.T.E. Zines

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